Daily I AM 10


INVOCATION: Thou Mighty, Invincible “I AM
Presence”! Speak Thyself into the hearts of the
children of men! Fill their hearts and minds to
overflowing with the Magnificence of Thy Presence,
with the conscious strength to look to Thee and know
Thee as “the One,” the Mighty, Eternal Source of all
things by which the consciousness of mankind is sus-
tained. Make them to know Thy Great Ownership,
that it is Thee alone who art the Owner and Giver
of all things, that they may thus manifest unselfishly
one to the other. We thank Thee.

I bring you Greetings from the Great Host, who are
ever pouring Their Radiant Presence into your lives.


It is with great rejoicing that the many who have
been observant of this accomplishment see how truly
the students are entering into the “Mighty I AM
Presence”; and how the things that have been
disturbing are being dissolved and are dropping away
as though they never had been.

Beloved Students, can you realize how great Our
Rejoicing is? We have trod the pathway of attainment
into that Great Freedom of Mastery over all limita-
tion. We rejoice to see you entering into this Presence
which, if maintained, will bring you certainly and
surely to this same Freedom. It is only when the outer
becomes sufficiently obedient, giving all power to the
Great Inner Presence, that one finds peace and rest
in this Mighty Acknowledgment.

In that peace and rest flows a Mighty River of
Energy, like a mountain stream flowing through a fer-
tile valley, lined with flowers and perfect vegetation.

So in the Peace that passeth understanding do you
move more and more, finding that Eternal River of
Energy flowing into and through your Being,
spreading its blessing and opulence into your Life and
experience everywhere you go.

While it is true that the intelligence is the channel
through which you must receive, yet as you feel with
deep sincerity the Truth of the “I AM Presence,” you
will find the stillness becoming greater and greater,
until one day: “Thou shalt see the door of thy cre-
ation open wide before thee, and thou shalt step forth
with open arms into that Freedom, inhaling the
Fragrance of the Pure Atmosphere of the Etheric
World, wherein thou wilt be able to mold that plastic
substance into the Perfection of everything upon which
thy desire is held.”

You are making such splendid progress; do not let
any fear of persons, places, conditions or things
interrupt or disturb you, for the “Presence of the
Light” stands before you, beckoning you on, that you
may be held in Its fond embrace, receiving of Its
boundless riches of every description which It holds
in store for you.

I shall now say something which may seem
astonishing, but I assure you, it is very true. Last night
as the question was asked— had you all been together
before— I wish to say that it would not have been possi-
ble for you to have been drawn into this intensified
Action of the Great Inner Law if you had not
previously had harmonious association and training.
While it may be difficult at first for you to com-
prehend it, you are receiving intensified training which
heretofore has only been given after a three year pro-
bation in the Retreat. Some of you have stored-up
treasures of Energy. I mean by that, energy created
by your conscious activity through your “I AM
Presence.” Others have stored-up treasures of Light.
Again, others have treasures of Love. Others have gold
and jewels which were placed in keeping to be used
in this embodiment. Several of you are on the point
of releasing into visibility— into your hands— these
stored-up treasures. Do not think I have gone into
fancy daydreaming, but I am calling this to your at-
tention for your benefit and blessing.

I wish each one of you to go by yourselves sometime
during the day for at least five minutes and talk to
your “I AM Presence” something like this: “Great
Masterful Presence which ‘I AM’! I love, I adore Thee.
I give back unto Thee the fullness of all Creative
Power, all Love, all Wisdom, and through this Power
which Thou art, I give Thee full power to make visi-
ble in my hands and use the fulfillment of my every
desire. I no longer claim any power as my own, for
I now claim Thee, the Only and All -Conquering
Presence in my home, my Life, my world and my ex-
perience. I acknowledge Thy Full Supremacy and
Command of all things; and as my consciousness is
fixed upon an achievement, Your Invincible Presence
and Intelligence takes command and brings the fulfill-
ment into my experience quickly— even with the speed
of thought.

“I know that Thou art ruler over time, place and
space. Therefore, Thou requirest only now to bring
into the visible activity Thy every Perfection. I stand
absolutely firm in the full acceptance of this, now and
forever, and I shall not allow my mind to waver from
it, for at last, I know we are One. ”

Beloved Students, you may add or weave into this
anything else you wish for your requirement; and I
assure you, if you can live in this— and I shall endeavor
to help you do so— you will experience the opening
of the floodgates of God’s Abundance.

I think here that I should explain to you: the most
important, the most desirable thing that anyone can
do is to fix within his or her mind the one, perma-
nent necessity, and that is to keep at it until one
reaches so deeply and firmly into this “Mighty I AM
Presence, ” that all Love, Light, Good and Riches flow
into his Life and experience by an Inner Propelling
Power that naught of outer personalities may at any
time, anywhere, ever interfere with.

This is the object of true training. This is why
students were brought into the Retreats as they could
be found ready, or sufficiently progressed, because,
as I have said before, it is easy enough to solve your
problems as they come along; but I ask you, what good
does it do to continue to solve problems unless you
have something, somewhere, to which you can anchor
that raises you above the consideration of any