Daily I AM 11

To find your “I AM Presence” and anchor to It is
the only desirable thing to do. Until you come to this
point of firm anchorage to your “Great I AM
Presence,” of course it is necessary to solve your prob-
lems as they come along; but how much better it is
to enter in and set free that Mighty Presence, Energy
and Action which has already solved the problems
before they appear to you. Is this not more acceptable
than to awaken every morning and find these
problems coming up— staring you in the face — as
though they were something really important, which,
after all, they are not? Yet I am sure you will agree
with Me that some of them or at least your outer sense
about them, is that they are tremendously ponderous.

With your glorious obedience to the Divine Princi-
ple of created Beings, you shall move along the
pathway with your Armor of Invincible Protection
buckled on, until the intensity of the very Light that
you enter into will no longer require the armor.

Is this not worth all the effort it takes to accomplish
it, that you may ever move in this Glorious Freedom?
Then when you awaken in the morning, you will no
longer find these visitors appear.

As I have spoken these Words, I have held you, each
one, in the Searchlight of my Vision, even without
your permission, so that when you hear these Words
you will feel the Inner Conviction of them with a
strength which will delight you.

When critical or disturbing thoughts try to find en-
trance into your consciousness, slam the door quickly
and command them to be gone forever. Do not give
them a chance, nor time to gain a foothold,
remembering always that you have the Strength and
the sustaining Power of the “Mighty I AM Presence”
to do this. Should you have difficulty in holding the
door shut, talk to your “I AM Presence” and say: “See
here! I need help! See that the door to this disturbance
is closed, and kept closed forever”

I want you to get fixed in your consciousness that
you can talk to your “I AM Presence” the same as you
could talk to Me, believing that I had Limitless Power,
because I tell you, it is no idle comment when I say
you can cause this Mighty Presence to handle every
condition in your entire experience and raise you into
Its Freedom and Dominion of all things.

As some of you have already reached into the ac-
tivity of the Universal Substance, I want to call the
attention of all of you to the fact that the substance
of your bodies and this substance, seeming to be in-
visible about you, is immensely sensitive to your con-
scious thought and feeling— by which you can mold
it into any form you wish.

The substance of your body can, by your conscious
thought and feeling, be molded into the most exquisite
beauty of form— your eyes, hair, teeth, and skin made
dazzling with radiant beauty. This should be very en-
couraging to the ladies, and I am sure will be to the
gentlemen, only they do not like to admit it.

Beloved Brothers and Sisters, when you look into
the mirror, say to that which you see there: “Through
the Intelligence and Beauty which ‘I AM/ I command
you to take on Perfect Beauty of form, for ‘I AM’ that
Beauty in every cell of which you are composed. You
shall respond to my command and become radiantly

beautiful in every way, in thought, word, feeling and
form. ‘I AM’ the Fire and Beauty of your eyes, and
I carry forth this Radiant Energy into everything into
which I look.” Thus you can cause to come into
appearance the Perfection which will give you all the
encouragement you want, to know that “ *1 AM’
always the Governing Presence.”

I wish to say to you who desire your forms to become
more symmetrical: start your hands at the shoulders,
and bring them down over the body to the feet, feel-
ing the Perfection or symmetry of the form you wish.
Through your hands will go the energy or quality
which you desire to manifest. If you will try this with
deep, earnest feeling, you will be amazed at the result.
This is the greatest reducer in the world. This, I assure
you will cause the flesh, as it comes into more beautiful
symmetry and Perfection, to become firm and yet
supple in every way, because you are sending the
energy of the “ I AM Presence” through these cells,
causing them to obey your command. This may sound
ridiculous, but I tell you, it is one of the best, surest
and most perfect ways to bring about the Perfection
of the body. I tell you, anyone who will practice
this will bring the body into any condition that one

I want the students to get the fullness of the idea
that they are masters of their forms, their minds and
their worlds, and can inject into them whatsoever they
wish. The Pure and Perfect Life of God is flowing
through you every instant; why not switch off the old
design and switch on the new? Do you not see how
important it is to perfect the body?

What can the Inner Presence do with a body that
is sick or out of harmony all the time? When this is
the case, the attention becomes so fixed upon the body
that the “I AM Presence” cannot get the attention but
a little part of the time. It is so easy, if you will but
do it. With this treatment of the flesh with the energy
of the “I AM Presence,” it becomes firm and