Daily I AM 12

The reason I speak of this with such deep, earnest
feeling today is because I see the change and improve-
ment in almost everyone; and by special conscious
attention directed to this, how much more quickly will
each be brought into the Perfection which he desires.

When an individual has an abnormal abdomen,
and anything that is more than straight is abnormal,
he should raise the left hand in this position, palm
up, move the right hand in a rotary motion over the
abdomen, moving from left to right. Each time the
hand passes over it, feel deeply the absorbing

The quick charge of energy through the hand goes
into the cells, contracting and reducing them into a
normal condition. I assure you this Instruction is no
idle fancy, but is of tremendous import, and It will
accomplish the purpose for which It is used, absolutely
without question —if applied with earnest feeling.

The consciousness, of course, should be that the
energy flowing through the right hand is the All-
Powerful , Absorbing Presence , consuming the un-
necessary cells and bringing the body into a perfect,
normal condition.

This will not only adjust the abnormal size of the
abdomen, but will penetrate through the form, charg-
ing the intestinal activity with a cleansing, purifying
process which will be of inestimable benefit. Those
who have found the activity of those organs lazy will
find them quickened into normal action. I assure you
that the ladies will not need to use rolling pins or roll
on the floor; also I assure you the ladies are not the
only ones who use rolling pins.

The unfortunate, almost appalling condition is that
individuals, having within them this Mighty God
Presence, will give every imaginable power to outside
things to produce results within and upon themselves,
when whatever remedial agent they use, whether ex-
ercise, drugs, or anything else, has little effect, if
any— except the quality and power they have con-
sciously given these agents. This treatment acts upon
the cells wherever they are, be they bones or flesh.

How prone the outer mind is to question the ability
of this Inner Self to handle any part of the body. If
It will handle one kind of a cell. It will handle all.

Make the outer accept the Full Power of the Inner
Presence, and thus let It expand into use in all things.

The outer mind, through long habit, has given
enormous power to drugs and remedial agents of every
kind; but do you not see that the only thing that does
it is the power and authority you give it to have an
effect upon your body? I do not mean for a single in-
stant that individuals who have not become aware of
the “I AM Presence’’ should cease all remedial agents;
but if they will fix in their minds firmly that no outer
thing has any power in their experience t except what
they give it, they will begin to rise out of the limita-
tions into which they have placed themselves. Here
let me say that ninety percent of the power given to
outer things is unconsciously given, and even most
students are not aware of it.

Now to turn about and give this Great God Presence
within you all power to do the things you require and
wish to do will accomplish them with a speed and cer-
tainty far beyond what any outside remedial agent
could do. Some will grasp this idea with tremendous
tenacity, while others will require more effort; but it
is surely worthwhile making any effort to accomplish

Remember, the “I AM Presence” knows all things
for all eternity, in all ways— past, present and
future— without limit. If the student would think of
this Great Presence, contemplate It, and know that
It is all Love, Wisdom and Power, then when he fixes
his attention on something to be accomplished, he
knows this Presence is the open door, the All-powerful
accomplishment, and It cannot fail.

Call on the Law of Forgiveness, and direct the
energy of the Master Self to correct and adjust the
wrong, and in that way, obtain freedom from its reac-
tion. You see, My Dear People, that there is so much
unnecessary power given to the outer activity and stress
of things which the (, I AM Presence” cares absolutely
nothing about. It is at no time concerned with the
mistakes of the outer self. If the individual but
understood that he could turn away from all these
discordant activities and give the “Master I AM
Presence” Within all authority and power to dissolve
and dissipate the wrong condition, he could never in
any way feel the reactions from his wrongdoing.