Daily I AM 13

When the individual allows himself or herself to
continue to criticize, condemn or judge another of his
fellow beings, he is not only injuring the other per-
son, but is unknowingly admitting into his own ex-
perience the very element that he is seeing wrong in
the other person . The true understanding of this will
make it easy for individuals to forever cease such
undesirable activity— when they know that it is for
their own protection.

Let us put it in another way. Whatever the con-
scious attention is fixed firmly upon, that quality is
impelled into the experience of the individual.
Whatever an individual sees with deep feeling within
another individual, he forces into his own experience.
This is the indisputable proof of why the only desirable
feeling to be sent out from any individual is the
Presence of Divine Love —and I mean by that, Pure,
Unselfish Love.

Students ofttimes wonder why they have so many
conditions in their experience to handle as they
become more and more sensitive. It is because they
see an appearance which they have been taught to
know is not real, and by allowing their attention to
become fixed upon it, they not only invite, but force
it into their own worlds, and then have a battle in
order to clean house. This can be avoided by instantly
taking the attention off the appearance and knowing:
“ ‘ I am; ‘I am; I KNOW ‘I AM’ free from this thing
forever — no matter what it is.”

This all comes, of course, from a lack of Self-control
in the individual, or an unwillingness to use that Self-
control to govern the outer. There are these two
distinct conditions with students: one is willing enough
to make the effort, but unknowingly allows his atten-
tion to become fixed on the undesirable things. The
other one, through a quality of stubbornness, is un-
willing to make the necessary effort to conquer it.

No teacher should at any time hold a thought of
criticism about any student, for if he does, he will
invite that same criticism unto himself. If students
get the right idea about this, they will stop it for
their own protection.

If one keeps silently seeing a discrepancy in another,
it is even worse than the spoken word, for it allows
the force to accumulate. When discrepancies are
forced upon your attention, simply say to your “I AM
Presence”: “There is the ‘I AM Presence’ within that
person, and with the human I am not concerned.”
It matters not whether it is a person or inanimate ob-
ject , the moment you see an imperfection , you are
forcing that quality into your own experience . This
is so important, it cannot be stressed enough.

Your first consideration should always be to your
own Divine Self— adoration to It always. This gives
you the opportunity and strength to rise to the height
where you can give help to thousands, where now it
can only be to a few.

No amount of service can be of any permanent
benefit unless the individual first accepts and gives
adoration to his own Divine Self, the “Mighty I AM
Presence.” Those who want to serve the Light and
really do good should understand this clearly.

When students say: “If I only had the money, what
good I could do,” it is exactly the reverse thing that
they ought to do. If one will enter into the “I AM
Presence,” he will have all the money he wants, and
it cannot be kept away from him.

Take the stand with everyone: “There is only the
‘I AM Presence’ acting there in that person.”

It is much better not to touch upon a thing than
to give an insufficient explanation.

All outer experience is but a discipline. For those
who are coming into this Work, the present training
is really a finishing school or experience; and that is
why some of them feel it is a little strenuous. All the
Ascended Host feel with great Joy the Love and
gratitude poured out to Them, and of course They
respond almost without limit.

“ ‘I AM’ is all there is, everywhere present, visible
and invisible.”

The consciousness most needed for each individual
will come from time to time as the students continue
in the use of this. Do not let yourselves strain after
things . Just take the calm, certain attitude of the
Ascension. Calmly, quickly, lovingly accept It, and
just Be. This avoids tension. Nothing is more power-
ful than this.

BENEDICTION: Thou Mighty, All- Pervading, In-
finite Presence, “I AM” I We give forth our Gratitude
to Thee that we have found Thee, that we
acknowledge Thee, the All-Powerful Creator, mak-
ing Thyself fully visible in our every need, in our full
Illumination, in our full Mastery and Dominion over
all outer things.