Daily I AM 14


INVOCATION: Thou Infinite Presence! express-
ing Thy Perfection everywhere, we welcome and praise
Thy Perfect Manifestation in our lives, homes, and
worlds, that Thy Radiant Light may forever consume
everything unlike Itself, that Thy Wisdom may always
direct, Thy Love always enfold, Thy Light always il-
lumine Thy Perfect Pathway, and that Thou dost hold
us firmly in Thy Glorious Radiance, now and forever.

I bring you Greetings from the Great Host, with
Their Joy and Love for this cooperation, and for that
which can but bless, illumine and awaken.


Oh that students, or any individuals who know of
the “I AM Presence,” could but realize that there is
no greater consciousness, no greater activity the con-
scious volition can set into action than the recogni-
tion and acceptance of the “I AM Presence.”

No matter what the angles of Truth are from the
thousands of avenues by which mankind reaches out
to gain greater and wider understanding, every one
leads to This which you now have the gracious
privilege of knowing and understanding and using.
Any kind of knowledge or power is absolutely worth-
less unless used. Those who will apply and enter into
the use of the “I AM Presence” with deep feeling will
see and feel within their own Beings, as they again
come in contact with other channels of understanding,
how transcendent the knowledge of the “I AM
Presence” is in comparison with all other ideas of

“I AM” holding fast to this idea for the students’
sake, so they grasp fully the Mighty Truth, that when
they say: “ ‘I AM’ whatever I wish to be or manifest,”
they are actually setting into visible physical activity
the Mightiest Presence and Power of God which
“I AM.” This differs from any other Statement that
was ever put into a group of words.

There is no other Statement or group of words in
existence that actually sets such power into motion to
accomplish any given purpose to which the conscious
attention is directed as does this Mighty Expression .
This is why Jesus the Christ coupled It with the most
important Statements that He made. If the students
of this Radiation will meditate or contemplate the
Statements that Jesus made upon His own Ray to
them, it will help them to grasp the fullness, the
stupendousness of this more readily.

I wish every student of this Radiation to fix firmly
in his mind that concerning these Instructions , there
may at no time he a charge ever made for Them. The
student is always free to make Love-gifts as his heart
directs, but to make a definite charge— under the Law
by which these Instructions are given— would close the
door immediately. Just the reason for this I may not
explain to you at this time. It is not that the laborer
is not worthy of his hire, but this Work comes under
an entirely different Activity of the Divine Law, which
I will one day explain to the students.

Feeling as I do the earnest, most worthy desire of
some of the students to come physically within this
Inner Circle, or Radiance, so to speak, I shall
endeavor to explain how it is not possible to be
done — beautiful and loving as the desire and radia-
tion of the beloved students are. This Beloved Sister
and Brother have gone through thirty years of
strenuous, conscious preparation for this Work. The
Electronic Circle within which this Radiation must
focus would have to be entirely rearranged and read-
justed. It might require some years to again bring it
to this point— lovely and beautiful as the radiation
of the others is.

Each individual has his own distinct radiation and
vibratory action. While the invisible mechanism, shall
I call it, for this Work is in one way very powerful,
yet in another way, it is as delicate as a gossamer veil.

I assure you, Beloved Students, that either My Per-
sonal Presence or My Consciously Directed Ray is
always present whenever either this Beloved Sister or
Brother is giving forth these Instructions. Here let Me
urge you that at no time is it wise for any student under
this Radiation to give forth verbatim these Instruc-
tions to one who is not yet under this Radiation. Ex-
tracts, verbal or otherwise, may be given forth for the
help of others, but We do not wish anyone to be so
unfortunate as to say he is authorized to give this forth
when he has not had permission to do so.

This channel must always be kept clean, pure and
unselfish, and these Instructions may not be commer-
cialized at any time. The application within the In-
struction which is given from time to time, if used
sincerely, with true feeling and confidence in the In-
struction, will cause the student or the teacher using
It to become such an invincible magnet for the
Opulence and Riches of God that there will be no need
to commercialize the Instruction for the sake of a
livelihood. For any individual— whether at first he has
the full understanding of its meaning or not —who will
be conscious that: “ ‘I AM’ the omnipresent, limitless
supply of God’s Riches and Opulence in my use,” will
sooner or later come into the full conviction of this
Mighty Truth.

I understand fully how important the financial sup-
port of the individual seems to him, but I say to you
beloved students that financial support is always as
the shifting sands until you begin to consciously apply
the use of the “I AM Presence” as your Omnipresent,

Limitless Supply of either money, Love, Under-
standing, Light, or Illumination. So try to receive the
full conviction of the Radiation of this which I give
to you, that you may use It with a certain, unwaver-
ing consciousness which will give you forever your
freedom from all financial strain.

Knowing that the “I AM Presence” which you have
set or are setting in motion is the same in every other
individual on earth as It is in you, and as It is in the
Universe, giving you the power and intelligence to
make this declaration, then you know that whatever
your conscious application implies, It is acting
everywhere, just the same as within the present ap-
plication that you make.

Heretofore I have hesitated to give you this very
definite application, or explanation of this applica-
tion, but your earnest demand has impelled it forth.
I send with this a certain specific Radiation which will
enable you to use it with absolute confidence.

The student should always remember it is only by
conscious effort that he can keep his mind at peace
so this Inner Power may flow through unhampered
to the accomplishment of his desire . As a child in
school you were given certain problems to solve, for
instance, we will say, in mathematics. At the same
time you were given the means by which to accomplish
it. If you did not make your application as directed,
you of course would not receive your correct answer.