Daily I AM 15

Consequently, you kept at it, kept trying and trying
until your answer was proved. If you did not under-
stand how to go about it, you went back to your
teacher for instruction and found what was required.
So it is in the Instruction which is now given you. This
application never has and never can fail in the ac-
complishment of anything to which your attention is
directed— if you will but continue to apply It with
determination and stick to It until results are in your
hands or presence.

Now here let Me call your attention to a most
powerful Explanation which Jesus the Christ gave you
in His own Words: that in all the teaching He received
through the various avenues, and I assure you, some
of them were very great, it was only His instruction,
conscientiously applied, that finally brought to Him,
or revealed to Him from Within, the many amazing,
magical Statements, one of which was: “ ‘I AM’ the
Resurrection and the Life.” It was this Statement
which He used that enabled Him to give the example
to humanity which will last throughout the centuries.

Whatever demand you make of the Universal, All-
knowing Presence wherein you use the Words “I AM,”
it must bring the same definite, certain results that
His Statements brought Him when He declared:
“ ‘I AM’ the Resurrection and the Life.” Try earnestly
to feel the mighty importance of this.

Here let Me caution and assure you with great
emphasis, that no matter who or what you are, what
place you may be in from the growth standpoint, when
you make application with the Words “I AM,” you
positively cannot fail to accomplish that to which you
apply Them— if you will hold fast with unwavering

Beloved Students, I feel the Great Love sent to Me
and never fail to respond to it.

Always first give your Great Love and Adoration
to your own “I AM Presence,” the Master-Self, then
to those who may be able to assist you. Many of you
are making wonderful strides. Go forth with certainty
in your hearts, always being aware: 44 ‘I AM’ the Con-
quering, Victorious Presence in any achievement I
desire; that 4 I AM’ now the Full Dominion of every
application that I make; that ‘I AM the Presence’
always within every demand, supplying, and fulfill-
There is no mental state that shuts the door against
the very thing you are striving for like a feeling of
distress about it. On the other hand, the proper
attitude is to joyously take the stand that: 44 4 I AM the
Presence’ which enables me to see or hear with the
Inner Sight and Hearing”; and at no time to let one’s
self become disturbed because another is using a
faculty different from one’s own, but rather rejoice
in it.

The teacher or student should be quick to realize
that no ignorance of the outer activity of the mind
should have any power at any time to disturb him,
even though directed at him personally.

At all times , turn to your own “I AM Presence ” and
demand to know and see clearly the plan that you
should follow.

The Masters’ Pictures and the Instruction should
be considered a sacred thing to the students. Adhere
always to the time-worn Statement: “To know, to
dare, to do, and to be silent,” because when students
begin to discuss these things with unsympathetic in-
dividuals, they scatter the force instead of holding it
within for their own Illumination.

I say this with all the vehemence of My Being: let
the student forever remember that it is impossible to
have a selfish desire or intent when reaching to the
“Master I AM Presence” for Love, Wisdom, Power
and Illumination. As an illustration, I might say, and
I am sure he will not object, that this good Brother
is the only student I have ever known who has com-
pletely governed that impelling force to become a
teacher — which always asserts itself somewhere along
the pathway of the student.

It is not that the desire is an unworthy one, but in
so many, many instances, the students, attempting it
too soon— before they are sufficiently fortified
mentally— meet with obstruction which they are not
able to stand against, and they become permanently
discouraged from further effort, defeating the wonder-
ful work that they might have accomplished later.

The most important thing in any student’s Life is
the Love and Adoration to his own ‘‘Mighty I AM
Presence,” with patience to the extent that he becomes
so anchored in his Mighty Presence that he is always
fortified by It.

An individual who is a stirring-stick can do more
damage in one hour than you realize. Anyone whom
you can once get to apply the “I AM Presence”
earnestly will never backslide. “I AM” determined to
keep the “I AM Presence” before the students so they
realize that they are using a Mighty Intelligence,
Power and Love — and that they are setting It into

Jesus came of His own Volition and gave to the
students the Way He accomplished the overcoming
of the last enemy.

It takes enormous strength to stand your ground.
There is nothing can give you permanent success in
the outer activity except the conscious use of the
“I AM Presence . ” Stand adamant against the thing
that would sway you off. Take the stand often: “I know
what I am doing and I am doing it.” You may
sometimes have to say very strong things in order to
shut off interference , but do not be susceptible to it.