Daily I AM 16

The “I AM” Command is the activity of the thing
that is already there, impelling it into the outer ac-
tivity. There are several in America now who, if they
would take Jesus’ stand: “ ‘I AM’ the Resurrection and
the Life,” and live in it day after day, would raise the
body as sure as the world. You cannot use the words
“I AM” with anything and not couple with it the power
to do the thing.

There are two things retarding to a student’s
spiritual growth. One is when the husband or wife does
not agree with one’s efforts, and the other is outside
suggestion. You have your “I AM Presence” which is
All- Intelligence, so make yourselves adamant against
suggestions of any kind — good or bad.

Sometime We will devote an entire Discourse to the
wise handling of the psychic. There is not one out of
ten thousand who understands that the awakening of
the sight into the psychic plane is not a spiritual thing.
When people begin to see on the psychic plane, they
are but using the physical sight a little expanded and
do not know it.

In the psychic realm, the suggestions given offer just
enough Truth to anchor interest and hold the
attention, until psychic forces get a good hold on the
person. This always comes through the fascination of
the phenomena. When one focuses the attention upon
the “I AM Presence,” it will draw him into the fullness
of the “I AM Presence.”

The inhabitants of the elements are used for all ac-
tivities of Nature, but they do not prevent other forces
acting, and they are not the only activities in Nature.
There are times when these Great Cosmic Beings
direct their attention to Nature.

Every thought sent forth by an Ascended or Cosmic
Being contains within it a Perfected Form. If that
Being’s Idea is on the manifestation of snow, or
whatever it is, it would take on the Perfection which
was within His Thought, because all thought carries

Say: “ ‘I AM the Presence’ entering into and reveal-
ing to my outer consciousness this activity.” Then the
outer mind would get the full Inner Activity and bring
It into your outer activity.

When people enter into the psychic plane,
everything is distorted, and they have no definite proof
of the Truth. Those beings in the psychic plane who
seek to get others under their control begin to pro-
phesy, and it is one of the first things they do. No one
can take a stand against a Messenger of the Light and
not receive the reaction into themselves, because the
Light repels all that is unlike Itself.
BENEDICTION: Out of the fullness of Thy Mighty
Opulence, O “Mighty I AM,” we feel Thy Flowing
Energy. We feel Thy Enfolding Love. We feel Thy
Qualifying Presence, hastening all who turn to Thee
into Thy Perfection. We feel Thy Glorious Presence
enfolding them in Thy Mighty Mantle of Peace,
enabling them to maintain Perfect Self-control, sus-
taining them in Thy Mighty Perfection, that they may
manifest Thy Mighty Presence — now.