Daily I AM 18

Knowing this should in no wise cause anyone to fear
this psychic stratum. If students find themselves con-
scious of passing through it, they should instantly take
the consciousness: “ ‘I AM’ the Controlling Master
Presence, always Victorious”; and they will instantly
find strength to face whatever appears, and go
fearlessly and serenely through.

Jesus suggested that this Explanation be given while
the students were under the Triple Radiation. (This
Triple Radiation means that in His Radiation, He
always carries with it the Triple Activity of the Father,
Son and Holy Spirit, or the “I AM Presence.” All who
apply the “I AM Presence” are receiving the Triple
Activity as long as they maintain It, and the Triple
Activity is always Self -sustained.)


One of the saddest things I have to say to you is
that many of those attempting to cast horoscopes are
unknowingly drawing themselves into the psychic net
and are becoming sensitized and voicing the adverse
conditions which exist only in this stratum.

This is one of the most unfortunate activities
because the individual is so entirely unaware that he
has opened his door— until he has become so
enmeshed that no amount of argument or reasoning
will change his belief in astrology. In the past twenty
years the avenue of astrology has been used for this
purpose more than any other. Many times through
this, the thought, or radiation from this stratum, says
that certain conditions will manifest for the individual
which he cannot avoid. If it is not said in so many
words, it is felt through the radiation. This is one of
the principal reasons why the last cataclysm of Atlantis
occurred, and why the people of Atlantis, in the great
majority, refused to listen to the Wisdom of the
Masters— who prophesied from Reality the destruc-
tion of Atlantis.

I understand, Beloved Students, that some of you
who have been so interested in your horoscopes may
think I am severe. However, such is not the case; but
My Love for you is great enough that I may speak to
you the unadulterated Truth. If you cannot believe
the Truth which I speak to you, then you must go on
your way, for you are individuals of free will, which
I have no desire to interfere with, except that “I AM”
privileged to point the way.

Individuals who will cling tenaciously to the “I AM
Presence” need never, anytime , anywhere , ever fear
any of these things , because It will correct them and
hold them steady on the True Pathway of Light , up
whose Golden Stairway they may climb with definite
precision , into their Full Dominion and Perfection.

I assure you, Beloved Ones, that My Heart goes out
with all Its Strength to the individuals whose atten-
tion is held by astrology, for they are so unaware of
the pathway strewn with thorns which they have
entered upon that will pierce their feet, causing them
to cry out in agony; and only when that agony becomes
great enough will they call out with all their Beings

Beloved Students, you who so earnestly seek the
Light, know there is but the One Presence that is your
Invincible Protection, and that is the “Great I AM
Presence,’’ God in you. Do not let your attention ever
be held by these many outer manifestations: astrology,
the power of numbers, spiritualism, or any of the
many things that would take your attention away from
the “Mighty I AM Presence” which is your Real Self.

If you turn to It at all times, It will lead you in the
Pathway of Light, strewn with the rarest flowers whose
very fragrance will enfold you with that strength and
“peace that passeth understanding”; with that stillness
of the outer which will enable you to enter into the
Great Silence, wherein you will find the Greatest In-
vincible Activity of God, the “I AM Presence.”

Beloved Onesl surely you must understand that you
cannot serve two masters and gain any victory ahead.
Having free will, you must choose. If you choose the
outer, forgetting your “Invincible I AM Presence,”
then My Love goes with you, enfolding you in Its
Mighty Mantle of Protection until such time as you
choose to return to the One God.

If you choose your “ I AM Presence” and adhere to
It, then your struggles are soon over, and you will find
yourselves moving in that Sphere of Peace, Harmony
and Perfection wherein you look upon the outer world
with great compassion — but never with that human
sympathy which would stifle your own growth.

This reminds us of the old, time-worn Statement:
Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven, and all the outer
things are added, or given into your use, under your
command. That Kingdom of Heaven is the “Great
I AM Presence,” the only Reality of you— who is the
Owner and Giver of all created and manifested things.

Is it not strange, Beloved Students, that one will
so long wander about in discord and limitation, when
the Master Presence of Light, the “I AM Presence,”
walks by one’s side at all times, waiting one’s decision
to turn to It and receive Its Radiant, Glorious Bless-
ings of Perfection in all outer manifestation? Such is
your privilege, O Beloved Ones!

In spite of all outer activity, the atmosphere of the
classes is truly divine. While I am sorry that some have
not felt the true importance of their “I AM Presence”
and that they still reach to outer things, I but wait,
enfolding them in My Love, for they have free will.
The students must understand that they cannot
divide their attention between the “I AM Presence”
and outer things, for it is a house divided against itself
and must sooner or later fall.

All greatness is dependent on the “I AM Presence,”
and It is the governor of the form, or should be. In
It is all strength, courage and power.

Those blessed childrenl If they could only realize
fully what a privilege stands at their doors and how
in a comparatively short time they could gain freedom
from all limitation .

This Dictation : The situation is this: when students
ask if they might listen to these Dictations themselves,
they are entitled to the explanation of what is necessary
for Work of this kind— for it is most unusual, We