Daily I AM 19

Never in the history of the preparation of students
has the Master ever allowed them to come within His
own Inner Electronic Circle. The students come, or
are taught the application, but they never come into
the Inner Electronic Circle of the Master Himself.

The Electronic Circle prepared here for this Work
has required thirty years of preparation, and no mat-
ter how beautiful the Radiation and Love of an in-
dividual are. We do not have the time to prepare and
adjust the atomic structure of the brain and body of
the students at this period of world crisis; but with
their sincere determination and use of the “I AM
Presence,” they will be prepared for the “Presence of
the Ascended Host.”

The atomic structure is a mechanical instrument,
and the innumerable parts must work in harmony and
perfect cooperation with each other. The students do
not understand that when a certain definite, specific
Work is to be done, there must be definite prepara-
tion for it. For illustration, take one who by nature
is endowed with an unusual quality for giving forth
lectures in public: if he is to have the Assistance of
the Ascended Host, there must be special preparation
for it. The individual would be so prepared that from
twenty minutes to half an hour before the lectures,
that one would be enclosed in a Tube of Light into
which nothing entered except the Radiation of the In-
spiring Master.

BENEDICTION: Out of the fullness of our Hearts,
O Mighty Presence, we give praise and thanks for Thy
Love, Wisdom and Power. We give praise and thanks
for the Mighty Rays that have gone out to each stu-
dent today. We give thanks for the intensity of this
focus that quickens the assurance within the students
of the Truth of their “Mighty Presence of the I AM,”
which is the True Self. Strengthen them, each one,
with that firm determination to hold to that One
Presence which is all Freedom, all Perfection, Eter-
nal Youth and Beauty.