Daily I AM 2

the Truth with each other. They silently, earnestly
apply the instruction of their teacher, and the results
they desire are certain to follow.

Better were the students stoned in the streets than
to condemn, criticize, or judge the Light that is given
them; for if they will enter into the “I AM Presence”
as directed, every question, every problem in their lives
will disappear as the mist before the radiance of the
morning sunlight.

I take it that all the students are strong enough to
hear the Truth and use the Strength of the “I AM
Presence” to govern and control the outer, so they may
receive the full Presence, Love, Wisdom, Power and
Opulence of the Great and Mighty “I AM Presence,”
which enables them to think, to feel, to live, and which
has given them the desire to reach for the Truth—
the Light.

I wish to say plainly and with the “Wand of Fire”
placed in the consciousness of the students, that this
Brother and Sister who are giving this forth are but
Messengers of Those who have known and proved this
Law for many centuries. These Great Beings to whom
your attention has been drawn are no myth nor fig-
ment of the imagination of the outer , but Living,
Wise, Loving Beings, possessing such Power which
They may wield or use at Their own discretion, that
it is not possible for the human mind to conceive It.
time in which the student could wander about mak-
ing his decision— whether he wished to act in the Light
or wander on in ignorance of Its Mighty Presence and
Power. The Cosmic Cycles have turned, again, again,
and again, until the time has come when the children
of God must make their decision final— whom they
will serve.

Never in the history of the world has there been such
opportunity or Assistance given to the children of earth
to face the “Sunshine of God’s Eternal Light” and walk
steadfastly and fearlessly into Its Radiant Splendor—
free, forever free from all limitation— living in the
Abundance of that Light enfolding them like a man-
tle of peace and rest.

Again I say to the beloved students: If you cannot
feel in your hearts the Truth of these Instructions
brought to you on a golden platter, then don’t ever,
in the Name of your “I AM Presence,” say or do that
which would discourage another from the Light he
might receive. The plain, unadulterated Truth I give
to you in the fullness of the Great Love of My Being,
that Its Radiance may cause you to understand and
know what it means to dare, to do, and to be silent.

Any feeling of questioning in your minds of the
Reality or genuineness of the Source of your Instruc-
tion but hampers your progress and causes you to re-
quire months or years to accomplish what you might
easily do in a few weeks with a free, peaceful mind.

As One who has chosen you, I know and feel your
every thought. It is very easy at times for the student
to think that his acts or thoughts are under cover and
not known, but to the Ascended Host there is no act
or thought that can be hidden from Them, because
everything you think or feel is registered in the etheric
world about you, as plain as the nose on your face.

So do not ever make the mistake of feeling that you
may think or act in secret. You may readily do this
from the outer self, but never from the “I AM
Presence,” which the Ascended Host are with no
obstruction . This, My Dear Beloved Students, is as
far as I am permitted to go in helping to set up the
guard for you. In the future no further reference to
this will be made. Remember that the decision lies
within you to go forward or not.

Now I shall say something very encouraging. The
only possible reason why the Personal Ray of Jesus
could be given forth to those under this Radiation at
this time was because seven of this group of students
were witness to the Ascension of Jesus the Christ two
thousand years ago. He saw and recognized them
then, as He sees them and is giving not only recogni-
tion at this time, but Great Assistance.

As this Radiance goes to you, Beloved Ones, so does
It go on reaching into the hearts of those who can
receive the Presence. Because of this Radiation, many
who have a deep Love for Jesus, or of Jesus, through
the orthodox channels, will be awakened to the
Presence of the God within. Outside of this, the joint
Activity of Jesus with the Ascended Host is spreading
its Mantle of Love, Peace and Light over humanity,
this being the time of year when their attention is most
easily gained.

Beloved OnesI Does it sound incredible to you when
I say the Masters of Light and Wisdom have passages
through the earth in all directions, just the same as
you have highways for your automobiles in going from
coast to coast on the earth?

Did you understand the atomic structure of the
earth, you would not feel this such an incredible thing,
for those Great Ones who have assisted the progress
of humanity from the beginning have but to use cer-
tain Rays, and They walk through the earth as easily
as you would walk through the water— different
however, in that They leave the opening behind them,
while in your walking through the water, it closes
behind you and the path is not apparent.

Just so with the Great Beings who have blazed the
trails for humanity into the Light. The trail remains
that those children of lesser Light may always find the
Pathway and follow it. If at times they should make
a mistake and turn on to the byway, they have the
“I AM Presence” to call them back to the main power
and carry them forward, until they too may be Torch
Bearers, or Trail-Blazers to those still following on