Daily I AM 20


INVOCATION: Thou Mighty, Infinite In-
telligence! Thou who dost have Power over all things!
We welcome Thy All- Pervading Presence, Thou All-
Pervading Life, the animating Principle of every
human being. We give thanks that, “ ‘I AM’ the Great
and Mighty Presence”; that “ ‘I AM’ anchored in the
heart of every one of God’s children, fulfilling the
Perfect Plan in spite of all resistance of the outer ac-
tivity of the mind.”

We give praise and thanks that the conscious direc-
tion of Thy Mighty Energy is sufficient by those of
understanding to bless and to prevail with Thy Won-
drous Light and Intelligence everywhere.

I bring you Greetings from the Great Host, and per-
sonally from Jesus, who will again speak to you over
His Ray today.


In the Fullness of My Love, I come to you again
today over the Great Light and Sound Ray, this time
to direct consciously the Healing Ray to every one of
the students. This Ray I will sustain for two weeks
every day, that they may have the Radiance of the
Healing Power.

In My Ministry to mankind among the hills of
Judea, I stirred the latent memory within the Inner
Records of mankind, and its Work is still going on
today. I wish the students to understand that
preceding all conscious healing upon My part, within
My own mind I was always conscious that: “ ‘I AM’
the only Healing Presence” and, as that “Unlimited
I AM Presence,” I had the Right, the Power, and the
Ability, through that Presence, to command all outer
activity of the mind to be silent and obey Its

Thus when I spoke to individuals, I spoke with that
Authority of the “I AM Presence,” which I recognized
as the Only Intelligence and Power acting, or that
could act. I was conscious of the outer activity of the
minds of those of humanity about Me, but as I said
to you before, it was only when I began using, “ 1 AM’
the Resurrection and the Life,” that the fullness of
My Mission, and how it was to be fulfilled was entirely
revealed. This is the particular point I wish to stress
with the students today: that within each one of them
is the same “Mighty I AM Presence” which I used to
accomplish the Perfection of that Mighty Presence.
This seemed to humanity at that time the perform-
ing of miracles. However, I assure you, it was but
consciously setting into action and use Cosmic Laws
that are ever about you— to be set into activity through
conscious direction. The mistake that students make
and which delays their achievement is in feeling that
they are acting a falsehood in declaring the Perfec-
tion they do not yet see manifest in their appearance
or activity. I tell you sincerely from My own Ex-
perience that we must acknowledge the One Presence ,
Intelligence and Power , then claim It as our oxvn in
our every thought and activity. It is the only way this
Mighty Perfection can be brought into the outer ap-
pearance and the fullness of your use. Because that
Perfection has not yet appeared— seemingly— should
not deter you from applying and claiming Perfection
as your own, for anyone with average intelligence has
but to stop and think that the Energy, the Life-
Principle which he is using, is God, the “Mighty I AM
Presence.” Therefore, Its Presence, Power, and Energy
is always Self-sustaining. In the claiming of this Mighty
Presence and Activity, you consciously set It into ac-
tion in your Life, home, world and affairs. Today,
as in the time of My Attainment, the financial strug-
gle seems to be most weighing; and yet within the
reach of your conscious manipulation and direction
of the Mighty Energy, Substance and Opulence about
you, you have everything with which to draw to you
that Wondrous, Omnipresent Opulence of God.

When you say “I AM, ” you are stirring that into
action to fulfill your conscious demand. One of the
first and mightiest things that became clear in My con-
sciousness was My ability, everyone’s ability, to qualify
this energy, consciously directed, with whatever the
seeming need demanded. Thus the energy may pro-
duce for your use, gold, silver, money, food, clothing,
means of conveyance, or whatever the conscious de-
mand is.

All this you must claim with determined conscious
effort which knows that in the conscious demand is
the “/ AM Presence” speaking and acting . Therefore,
It has all Power and Authority to clothe whatever the
demand is with Its kind.

In the consciousness that you are the “I AM
Presence” acting at all times, you then must know that
you are, that moment of recognition, an invincible
magnet of attraction — which causes every activity of
the Universe to rush to you to fulfill the demand . The
only reason it does not seem to be so is because
somewhere in your consciousness there is a feeling of
uncertainty, either of your ability, of your authority,
or the Omnipresence of It to act; but I assure you,
as one having attained and having gone through the
complete process of attaining, that it is a pleasure,
the privilege of Myself and Others, to place before you
these simple Laws, yet Mighty and Invincible in their
activity— which will give you Freedom and Dominion
over all the things that seem to be such a mountain
of obstruction in your way. As you continue to accept
and use these Laws in your activity, you will find that
you are attaining Dominion, not only over the one ele-
ment, but all four elements— earth, water, air, and

When you have become conscious of the “ Flame of
your Divinity , ” you are acting from the highest of the
four elements, which is Fire, and the True Activity
of Spirit.

As the conscious activity is to the unconscious, so
is the Conscious Use of the Flame to the recognition
of the Light. The natural element of your soul is the
“Flame,” accounting for the ancient Fire and Sun wor-
ship. When one becomes conscious that he has, is, can
use and direct this Consuming Flame, he has entered
into Mighty Power.

When one becomes conscious that he has Dominion
over the four elements, he has but to practice its me
to become consciom that he may direct the lightning ,
master the storm , control the waters, and walk in the
midst of the fire unharmed. Will you kindly tell Me
how any being can have the use of anything until he
acknowledges it — and knows that he has the ability
to make it his servant in use?

Then by the practice of its use, he becomes ab-
solutely invincible in its direction. I wish so earnestly
to make clear to you that you are being given and
taught the exact Laws which I used — and which