Daily I AM 21

It is all a matter of use, once you know of these
Laws, and that the “I AM Presence” which you are
has all Intelligence, Power and Authority to
consciously direct the energy through the outer ac-
tivity of your mind. Then do not fear to use It to heal,
to prosper, to bless and to enlighten your fellowman.

Erase from your mind forever that there can be any
selfishness in your conscious recognition that the
“I AM Presence” is directing. It matters not what you
require for your attainment, wherein it makes you
more able, or of greater ability and power to bless.
Then do you not see that there can be no selfishness
in the desire for this greater attainment and Perfec-
tion? For any individual to feel that he must wait upon
the attainment of another is a great mistake. In-
dividuals may attain only through their own conscious
effort in this wonderful recognition. No one can grow
for another or attain for another, but each may be
of immense help to the other by knowing with inten-
sity: “ *1 AM* the only Presence and Intelligence ac-
ting within that individual” for the one you wish to
help. This may be qualified with whatever the per-
son seems to need most.

Every individual’s first duty is Adoration and Love
to the “One Mighty I AM Presence , ” which is
everywhere present.
Do you not see how in this, it is a joyous privilege
to love your so-called enemy, because: “ ‘I AM’ the
only Real Presence and Activity anywherel” If the ig-
norance of the outer activity of the mind seems to have
created disorder, pain and limitation, then you know
that the miscreation has no power of its own. There
is nothing but the wrong belief of the individual to
sustain it; consequently, it has no Self-sustaining

If you have been unfortunate enough to create in-
harmony, disorder, limitation, then can you not see
that you alone, through the Power of your “I AM
Presence,” the Consuming Flame, must consciously
call on the Law of Forgiveness, consume through that
Flame of Life which you are, everything in your world
which you have wrongly created?

This should easily make it clear to you how you set
about to cleanse your world of its disorder and its
mistaken creation. Then you stand forth, clothed with
the Sun, the Light of Eternal Life, Youth, Beauty and
Opulence, holding within your hand for instant use
the Scepter of Power of the “I AM Presence,” which
you are.

It is important to know that this One Mighty Energy
does all things according to the quality you give It,
or the wish you want fulfilled.

One thing students should be intensely conscious
of, and that is: “ ‘I AM’ the Eternal, Harmonizing
Presence and Activity everywhere I move, and of
everything to which my thought is directed.’ 1 This,
constantly used with the feeling of Its Invincible
Power, will keep the atmosphere of your world
purified, harmonized, and held in readiness for any
conscious direction to go forth with great speed to its
accomplishment .

When you wish to speak with authority, silently to
or of another individual, speak his given name, and
you will find the help, the energy sent, much more
easily received. It is like calling the attention of a per-
son to whom you wished to speak. Naturally, your first
impulse is, if you are going to speak to one of the
family, you first say Don, Mary, or Dick, to get his
or her attention; and then you proceed to give your
message. So it is when directing the energy silently.

Within the Inner World, in this recognition and
use of the “I AM Presence,” knowing that: “ ‘I AM*
everywhere present,” you see how you may speak to
one across the earth through the “I AM Presence” as
readily as though that one stood in the room in your
physical presence.

I warn you, if you attempt to use this Knowledge
to harm another, then remember that through your
own soul and body will pass the bolt, or your intent
to another. Try always to remember that you are not
human beings so-called, but you are Gods and
Goddesses in embryo— which through the conscious
effort you can bring into Full Dominion.

I say to you. Beloved Students of Light: Arise!
Awaken! to the fullness of your God -Dominion.
Fearlessly use the conscious knowledge and direction
of this “Mighty I AM Energy” for your freedom, pros-
perity, blessing and enlightenment. Each of you is a
glittering, dazzling Jewel of Light projected into a
world of chaos and darkness, that the Radiance of
your Light may expand, expand, and again expand,
that all darkness of the earth be consumed in this
Mighty Radiance of the “I AM Presence,” which you

Do not hesitate, Beloved Children! Grasp this
Scepter of your Power and Dominion! Use It to heal,
to bless, to prosper, to enlighten, and you will find
all earthly things bowing before you and rushing to
fulfill your slightest demand.

Such, Beloved Ones, Beloved Brothers and Sisters,
the “One Mighty Presence, which 1 AM,’ ” is the Con-
scious Ability I convey to you this day— with its Self-
sustaining Strength, Courage, Power and Enlight-
enment— to go forth, attaining your Freedom now
with these Personal Rays which I project to each of
you for these two weeks. I assure you, these Rays are
no idle fancy, but a tangible Current of Energy con-
taining in It all things, and blessing you according
to your acceptance.

I clothe you in this Mantle of Light — within It is
all Power. I hold you close in My Mighty Embrace,
and 41 ‘I AM’ with you every hour.”

Saint Germain: Again have you been blest by that
Electrifying Presence. I need not add to it unless there
are questions.

When you realize that “I AM” is the only Presence,
Power, and Ability to think in your brain cells, and
you are accepting only the Activity of the “I AM
Presence,” then you make It the All-Power, fulfilling
every outer desire. Therefore if you desire something
needful in the outer activity, it is the “I AM Presence ”
producing it through your conscious demand — which
has nothing to do with so-called human desire .

Say often: “ ‘I AM’ always loving obedience unto
the Light.”

Everything will become more alert, more quick-
ened, and more powerfully protected as you use the
“I AM Presence” more and more.

The Great Central Sun Magnet: The more one is
conscious of this Great Magnet working, the more
powerfully It acts in his own sphere.

An awakened individual never uses a destructive
force . When the Master of Sueme projected the force
and the army was killed, he simply projected it for
the protection of his people, and the destructive
qualities which the others brought with them to slay
and kill qualified the force sent out by the Master,
and it destroyed those who sent their destructive
qualities out. You can see how easily it would do that,
when they came to destroy.

Every individual, if he has understanding, has a
right to protect himself. The students should always
be taught never to judge the Action of a Greater In-
telligence than themselves.

When phenomenon is produced by an Ascended
Master, the Activity so transcends the intelligence
witnessing it that it is most difficult for them to be
sustained in the acceptance of the actual Truth of It.
It is utterly impossible to satisfy the outer activity of
the mind.

Projected vision: The etheric record is reclothed in
substance. You cannot reclothe a record of scenes ex-
cept in their own environment. The individual’s record
goes with him wherever he goes and can be reclothed
anywhere he is.

BENEDICTION: Thou Mighty, Infinite Presence!
Thou Wondrous Brother of Light, Wisdom, Love and
Power! We give thanks for Thy Radiant Presence,
glorifying all who look to Thee, and in that Glorious
Presence, we send to all mankind Thy Enfolding
Light, lifting them into Thy Presence always.