Daily I AM 23

There is no person, place, condition or thing that
warrants your ever being disturbed, with the ever-
present “I AM Presence” beating your hearts each mo-
ment and Who is ever All-powerful.

If one will correct himself on these discordant feel-
ings, he will let the “Great I AM Presence” flood his
world with all Perfection. If the individual will not
correct himself, how can he ever gain the Eternal

The “I AM Presence” is the All-power of the
Universe to make this correction. Let the “I AM
Presence” flow until It washes everything clean.

When your attention is fixed firmly upon the “I AM
Presence,” which you are, it is as though your body
were a fine sponge through which this Pure Energy
is pouring, cleansing it of all imperfection.

If you will stop the discord , the “Stream, of the
I AM Presence * ” automatically cleanses away all im-
purities. You thus have an Unlimited Power in your
hands to intensify your right commands.

Even from the scientific standpoint, knowing that
the cells of the body are renewed in less than a year,
if the discord could be shut off for one year, the mind
and form would express Eternal Youth and Perfection.

Either from a sense of false pride or something,
humanity will not face the Truth that the cause is
within themselves . The habit of always blaming the
other fellow for what has happened to you is the thing
that blinds you to the Truth and prevents
Self- correction.

A wonderful illustration of this is in the beautiful
child-form. Until the child is old enough to begin to
register the discord about it, its body is beautiful and
expresses Perfection. This Perfection of form would
always be maintained if there did not enter into the
consciousness of the child the discord of the outer
world. There are those who would say to me, “What
about the child that is bom sickly and disturbed?” In
most cases, that is a condition brought over from the
preceding embodiment, or in rare cases, where there
is intense discord between the parents, this may be
intense enough to register upon the child; but if you
will notice in cases of that kind, as the child begins
to grow and develop, it will show less and less of that
disturbance. That is absolute proof the discord was
not of its own creation, but was imposed upon it by
the parents, because the soul was strong enough to
rise out of it.

In this particular point, one should understand the
amazing conditions of suggestion by which individuals
are constantly surrounded.

For instance, let us take the environment and
association of individuals who have been in the habit
of going together. In that friendly association, each
one is susceptible to the suggestion from the other.
If it be discordant, then that association will be broken
up sooner or later by one grand row. However,
seventy-five per cent of the individuals moving about
in the outer world are not aware that they are taking
on suggestion— either from association, environment,
or conditions out -pictured before them.

The correct attitude of the student who becomes
aware of his “I AM Presence” is immediately to take
the firm stand that: “ 7 AM’ invincibly protected
against any imperfect suggestion . ” Thus one can build
about himself an atmosphere which will immediately
repel all suggestions that seek to intrude wherein there
is a destructive element.

I think it necessary to call your attention to your
old copy books which said: “If at first you don’t suc-
ceed, try, try again.” There is no way to gain Victory
and Dominion over limitation except to keep at it until
you accomplish it. If you question your accomplish-
ment, you are postponing your Victory that much

Those students who really begin to understand that
in the recognition and use of their “I AM Presence”
they have the Universal Power at their command, then
they know it is impossible to fail in their application,
because the more they use It, the more of Its sustain-
ing Power they have.

Every time you feel a Christ Manifestation, say: “I
praise Thee and accept the Light of Thy Presence,
the ‘Full I AM Activity.’ ” Take this attitude always,
and then you shut the door to any undesirable crea-
tion from those who have passed on.

Always remember that you are the Master of what
shall come into your thought world, and unless you
realize that you are the Master, you are susceptible
to all kinds of thoughts and feelings.

For others, know: “ ‘I AM* the Presence taking
into accomplishment.”

If you give attention to a condition of disturbance ,
you are giving power to something else but your “I AM
Presence. ”

BENEDICTION: Thou Mighty, Infinite “I AM
Presence”! We rejoice in Thy Ceaseless Outpouring,
Thy Enfolding Presence, protecting and governing the
Life of these beloved students. Help them to enter into
the Fullness of Thy Presence with no uncertainty, that
they may bless mankind wherever they may be or go.
Intensify Thy wondrous Light within the outer
activity, that each one may become a great channel
to heal, to bless, to prosper, and to enlighten.