Daily I AM 24


INVOCATION: Infinite “I AM Presence”! from
Thy Ancient Sanctuary, we find Thee pouring forth
Thyself into manifestation with conscious intelligent
expression, that Thy Perfection be manifest in all
phases of Life; and that all of earth which has been
wrongly qualified by mankind be raised into that
Ascended State — Thy Eternal Perfection.

I bring you Greetings, and especially from the
Retreat in Arabia, that Great Center of training for
the use of the Mighty Rays.

I have two surprises for you today. I say “I,” because
We are all One.

I trust that I need no introduction as I speak to you
over the Light and Sound Ray. Nada speaks:


How beautiful this day always seems to Us in the
Consciousness conveyed to humanity— representing
that birth of the Christ Activity in all mankind; and
to the students who have become aware of what the
use of the “I AM Presence” means to them in setting
into motion Love and Intelligence to do their bidding,
according to their direction of that Limitless Power.

So long individuals have wondered how to attain
the Christ Consciousness. The first mighty step is in
the recognition of the “Great I AM Presence,” God
dwelling in you. The second step is in the use of that
“I AM Presence,” for when you say “I AM,” with the
understanding of what It means , you have then and
there entered into the Christ Consciousness.

It does not mean you immediately express the
fullness of that Christ Consciousness, for you must first
know where you are going and what you wish to do
before you can accomplish it.

All the Ascended Ones have gone the same path
and use identically the same application, because all
roads lead to the Great Central Sun, the God-Head.

Our Beloved Brother Jesus performed one of the
greatest Blessings to mankind in not only setting the
example from his birth and achieving the Ascension,
but in making the Eternal Record that stands radiant,
pouring Itself to humanity. Little can the unascended
realize what this means to mankind. It is an Eternal
Beacon, beckoning them on into the Light, and in
the example of the Ascension, Jesus stated definitely
not only what could be done, but what must even-
tually be done.

Great as were the wonders He was able to perform,
He gave the marvelous promise that: “Even greater
things than these shall ye do.” Many times students
wonder what greater things could be performed than
Jesus did, but He tells us that He only performed a
few of the Universal Services which can be rendered
to our fellowmen.

To Us this day always symbolizes the conscious
beginning of that most marvelous of all achieve-
ments— the Ascension. The moment the individual
becomes conscious of this fact, the process of his own
Ascension has started, and according to the fullness
of his grasp of this Truth, may the individual ac-
complish it quickly, or require time to do it.

My personal experience has been that when I
became aware of what it meant and began the use
of the “I AM Presence,” I found that shortly I was
entirely unaware of time or place; and that each day,
as I entered more fully into this expansion of con-
sciousness, I found that all things of my desire were
right within reach, mark you, right within my in –
dividual , governing power; and with it came the con-
sciousness that Divine Love was the Mighty Cohesive
Power holding all things together and in place— that
this Divine Love within Me of which I had begun to
learn made Me an Invincible Magnet for everything
upon which My desire rested.

This simple Truth is one of the Mightiest that first
comes to the student. At first It causes one to realize
that really he can rise above these seeming limitations

about him and then he finds, one by one, that he is
actually doing it.

Then comes the Great Inrush and Outpouring of
this Mighty Self Within, which holds the substance
of everything the heart can wish within Its Own Em-
brace. And your ability and authority, mark you, to
qualify and mold this substance, is that which causes
it to take on the form of your requirement, whether
it be peace, Love, gold or enlightenment.

I say to the beloved students: Awake, O Beloved
Students, to your authority , to your right , to your con-
scious ability to apply this Great Law to your Perfect
health, eternal youth and beauty, the riches of God,
the glorifying of your mind and body, and then to
Ascend into the Arisen Dominion, into your Eternal,
Everlasting Freedom.

After you begin to find, step by step, that you are
accomplishing, then you begin to forget all this outer
condition surging about you— in the glorious feeling
of being held in the Great Embrace of that Mighty
Master-Self Within, which never has and never will
give cognizance to time or space.

You are the Master and have Dominion in your Life
and over your world the moment you recognize that
the Energy, Power and Intelligence which you are
using is the “Mighty I AM Presence.”

How fortunate indeed are those individualizations
upon earth who become aware, really aware, of this
Jesus said: ‘‘Know the Truth, and the Truth shall
make you free.” This is one of the mightiest phases
of that Truth. Apply It, O Beloved Ones, with full
determination, shutting out all uncertainty from your
minds, and you will climb steadily that Jeweled Lad-
der of Achievement; and as you look back upon each
step gained, more and more will that Blazing Ra-
diance shine forth, and you will wonder, ‘‘How could
I have gone so long in the shadow, when above me
stood this Mighty Flame of Life, ready to consume
instantly all my unfortunate, ignorant creation?” I tell
you, Beloved Ones, that you do not have to wait in-
definitely in the recognition of this Mighty Presence.
Fold your arms about It in all the adoration you can
command , and It will raise you quickly out of all these
seeming limitations, clothing you in that ‘‘Seamless
Crystal Garment,” blazing with Radiant Light and
held with a Jeweled Girdle that it is your right to wear;
and in your hand that Blazing Scepter of Dominion,
the Searchlight of your Mighty Soul, which you can
turn upon anything, upon any place, upon any height,
and draw to you the revelation from within It. Such,
Beloved Brothers and Sisters, is the picture of Achieve-
ment which We have used and attained. Such We
know you can do, because We have.

Never grow weary of the Consciousness that:
“ ‘I AM’ the Ascended Presence”; and when you say
that, know: “It is the Self-sustaining, emanating
Strength by which I reach my Full Dominion. ”

It makes Me very happy to be home again— for the
happiness in your hearts— to see the many rungs of
the ladder you are past; and that you have the con-
scious consciousness that you can achieve the Greatest
of God’s Gifts, the Fullness of Himself.


It is with much Joy that I too may say a few Words
over the Light and Sound Ray to you, and to answer
in person the many calls of the hearts to Cha Ara.

I do have many a good laugh in moving about
among the students who have so much longing that
I make myself visible to them; and yet some of them,
upon the slightest movement unusual, catching their
breaths lest I do. You know, it is most comical: the
outer activity of the self wants a thing so much, and
at the same time experiences all kinds of prickly sen-
sations about it; but Beloved Ones, I say this: I may
not appear nearly so frightful as you might think! So
trust Me at least to have a pleasing form or ap-
pearance, and at the same time, for the benefit of the
dear sisters, I shall endeavor to bring along some At-
tar of Roses.

Q. From Kashmir?

A. That would be quite appropriate.

Q. Why not your own brand?