Daily I AM 3

“ ‘I AM the Mighty Presence, ’ who never becomes
impatient nor discouraged at the long periods in which
the children of earth turn aside from the Light, en-
joying the sense activities until they become so
repellent to them that with almost their last breath
they cry aloud: ‘O God! save me.’ ”

I cannot help but smile to Myself as I wonder how
some of you may think Me a very crabby old fellow—
but if so, one who has the courage to tell you the Truth
of your needs, that you may profit by it. When you
come to know Me better, you will not think Me such
an old crab after all.

So long as the student has a questioning in the
mind, he does not open himself to the Truth of the
Instruction fully.

If it is seen that it is worthwhile, determined en-
tirely by the upreaching of humanity to the Light,
then the Natural Rays are made permanent to the
earth and placed within the center. The earth is com-
posed of earth, water, and air. The Rays are the
Cosmic Fire interpenetrating all the three other
elements. The Rays pass through the earth, and where
they interlock, they soften and form this Luminous
Substance, or Radiance— the concentrated Activity
of the Light.

One Ray enters the crust of the earth at a point just
south of the center of the Gobi desert, and the other
one enters just east of Lake Titicaca in the Andes
Mountains. It is the largest lake in South America and
the highest in the world. It was a point of very great
importance centuries ago.

These are the two most intense points of Light in
the earth. There is always a Cosmic Activity taking
place at certain cycles which may not be interfered
with. The Great Cosmic Laws are exact to the
minutest detail, and there is no such thing as failure
nor accident connected with them.

A great change which takes great quantities of peo-
ple out of the body only takes them where they can-
not fight for awhile. In the World War, both sides
hated the men they were sent against, and also the
governments that sent them, because of being sent.

Never consider anything in the world but the “Great
I AM Presence.” Watch and govern your feeling, for
if you do not, it will lead to a point where it will catch
you unawares.

Many times, the student who knows the Law, when
something comes up and he is disappointed, should
turn to the “I AM Presence” immediately and ask what
is to be done; but instead he so often holds the atten-
tion on the disappointment, and then it sometimes
almost takes an earthquake to shake him loose from it.

Take the Statement: “This resistance must give way,
and the sight and hearing must come through.”

Take the firm Statement: “ ‘I AM’ the Presence of
your Perfect sight and hearing” to heal those
conditions. Each should take the statement: “ ‘I AM’
my Perfect sight and hearing.”

The Arabian Nights’ Tales : They originally came
from the Masters, who gave them out as a veiled Truth
to help humanity, and those who believed them
through faith received marvelous manifestations.

In the beginning of these marvelous experiences,
there must be faith to tide over, until we can manifest
the Reality, for faith is the Sustaining Power, and if
we can keep it generated, it becomes Reality.

There are always the two activities of the Law when
you get deep enough into the action of it. They are:
first, condensation, and second, etherealization. Go
serenely along, and do not let time, place, nor things
interfere. The outer mind must be calm and steady,
and the outer and Inner Will must become one. As
the attention is fixed on it with firm determination,
more and more of the Inner Operation is revealed,
until you can consciously manipulate it.

BENEDICTION: Presence of Meru, Nada, and the
Great Ascended Host, we give praise and thanks for
Thy Radiant Splendor, for Thy Wisdom, for Thy
Substance which Thou art generating to make visi-
ble. We give praise and thanks that Thy Great
Wisdom and Intelligence are ONE with the “Great
I AM,” which “I AM,” ever bringing more of Itself
forward into conscious action. We give praise and
thanks that in the acknowledgment of the “I AM
Presence,” we have the Key to all things visible and