Daily I AM 4


INVOCATION: Thou Mighty, Illumining
Presence which “I AM”! in gratitude and praise, we
enter into the Fullness of Thy Presence today; and
forever receive Thy Limitless Blessings, Thy Strength
and Courage, Thy Joyous Enthusiasm, all of which
is Self-sustained.

We know there is but One Presence! “I AM that
Presence” of all Activity, all Wisdom and Power, and
in the Freedom of that Mighty Presence we stand
serene, unmoved among all outer things which seem
to point to the contrary.

“I stand serene in Thy Great Forever; I claim Thy
Great Dominion in my place! I stand in the Radiance
of God Eternal, ever looking Thee full in the Face.”

I bring you Greetings from the Great Host, and also
Their Blessings for the happy enthusiasm which has
been entered into. We shall endeavor to sustain you
in that joyous enthusiasm as the Hub of this Radia-
tion, because all the students will feel and act It.

Far more has been accomplished this week than was
anticipated, and We enter with you into the great
rejoicing. The loving blessing of each student unto the
other is most commendable, and this simple thing will
open the door, oh so wide! to receive the fullness in-
tended for them.


I would be so pleased to have every one of the
students, just at this time especially, use the Statement,
with all the enthusiasm they can command: “ ‘I AM,’
‘I AM,’ I know ‘I AM* the use of God’s Limitless

Here I wish to explain that when there is a group
of students in accord, working from the same princi-
ple, and they use this Statement, they not only bring
into their own world and use this Great Opulence, but
they bless their associate students with the same thing,
because “ ‘I AM the Presence’ in each one.” This is
the mighty power of cooperative action which everyone
should use.

The students who maintain a loving blessing to each
other are really held in the “Embrace of the Great
‘I AM Presence,’ ” and when they acknowledge Its ac-
tion, they are commanding the same blessing and ac-
tion for the other students that they are for themselves.

This is the correct attitude to be sustained, and if
maintained sincerely in the heart of each one, no one
within this Embrace will want for any good thing; but
the student who allows any feeling to remain of
unkindness to the others will shut himself away from
this Great Radiance and Blessing.

Now let us enter into the keynote of what you
touched this morning— the simple understanding of
God’s Will and free will. God’s Will is the Opulence
of Goodwill — the birthright of every one of God’s

When you are reaching to the Light in the use of
the “Mighty I AM Presence” with sincerity, it is not
possible for you to do otherwise than call for God’s
Will to be done. As Children of God the Father—
who has given His Children free will that they may
choose— they must understand that it is for them alone
to decree what shall act in their lives and world.

Having free will, the student must understand that
God can only act in his Life and world according to
his conscious direction.

God is the Principle of all Life, and each Child of
God is an individualized, conscious, active part of that
One Great Principle of Life and Love and Power.

God has given into the keeping of every one of His
Children this Marvelous Consciousness, which is Om-
nipresent, eternally elastic, as it were, which can be
drawn into a focal point to write with the Pen of Light,
or expand to encompass the earth.

Consciousness is always subject to direction through
the use of the free will.

The most unfortunate understanding established by
the orthodox idea that God acts of His own Free Will
in the Life of the individual or a nation, is positively
not true. God can only act through the mind of His
own individualization, which is clothed with the per-
sonalities that you see about you. These personalities
are but vehicles of use and expression of this Mighty
Individuality— which is God’s Will and your free
will— and it only comes into use by your conscious

I say to you that every function of your body is sus-
tained through conscious action, although you are not
aware of it; but as you reach deeper and deeper into
the Consciousness of the “Mighty I AM Presence,” you
will come to understand that it is impossible for any
outer action to take place without Self-conscious

A simple proof of this is what any of you may test
at any moment: I wish to do some physical act.
Preceding that activity, there always comes the
thought to do it; otherwise the hand or body would
not move in action. That which people have chosen
to call involuntary action is the thing that has mystified
their understanding of their own Being.

The students should take this humble explanation
and meditate upon it often , for it mil clear the mind
of any obstruction. You are Self-conscious, Free Will,
Acting Beings.