Daily I AM 5

In both of your classes this week, the Individualized
Presence of Jesus the Christ stood in your midst. At
in the form of “The Tree of Life,” each stu-
dent being a branch. At , from His “Pillar of

Dazzling Radiance,” within which was His Visible,

Personal Form. At His Form was within the

“Tree of Life,” but not visible— not to mention others
of the Ascended Host who were present. There were
also Nada, Cha Ara, Lanto and Myself.

I wish to say to that class of blessed boys with the
one pink rose in their midst, that I joyously hold them
all in My Fond Embrace, so they may use and inhale
the Radiance of My Being. They have Freedom and
Dominion within their grasp, if they will hold fast to
these Instructions and apply them.

Further, I wish the students to understand that the
Stream of Life flowing through the mind and body
always comes into them pure and unadulterated, con-
taining within It all the strength, courage, energy and
wisdom that can ever be desired; but by the lack of
control of their thought and feeling, they are unknow-
ingly requalifying this Pure Essence with the outer
ideas upon which the attention has been fixed.

To form the habit every moment the mind is not
otherwise occupied of being Self-conscious that:
“ ‘I AM’ the only Intelligence acting,” will keep that
Mighty, Wonderful Stream of Life from being
discolored, and I shall say disqualified, by the wrong
conceptions of the outer activity of the mind. This is
the simple secret of really all Perfection— if one can
but comprehend it.

This Great Life comes into everyone’s use Pure and
Perfect, but through lack of understanding, the outer
mind is constantly requalifying It with discordant con-
ceptions, and thus human beings change Its other-
wise Perfect Action into that which they find expressed
in limitation and discord in their outer activity.

This should make clear to the students the simple
activity which they should Self-consciously maintain
in order to keep this marvelous, Perfect Life that is
constantly flowing through their minds and bodies in
Its Pure, Fragrant State; for I tell you truly, that those
who will follow and maintain this idea will find the
emanations from their own bodies becoming rarer
than the lily or the rose. Further, in the consciousness
of this Perfection which is constantly flowing into their
use, they can know It as Perfect health and beauty
of face and form, until Its Radiance shines forth like
the sun.

O Beloved Students! When it is so simple, requir-
ing so little consciously sustained effort, is it not worth
all it requires on your part to enter into the Fullness
of this Life Stream and receive Its Fullness and

In the Oriental activity there was a secret society
—in fact, it began in China— maintained gloriously
in the Light until the one then in charge at the head
of the order, thought, in one of the war ravages, that
his daughter whom he loved so deeply, was killed by
an Englishman— which, however, was not the case.
But it brought about the breaking up of the order,
and the pictures of “Fu Manchu,” of which I think
there have been four produced, are the picturing of
this to the outer world, showing how the “Light” may
he distorted by something starting the feeling of
revenge .

This one known as “Fu Manchu” was, at the begin-
ning of that activity, a wondrous, beautiful soul; and
it shows how sometimes the ravages of war and the
lack of control of the thought and feeling in the in-
dividual bring about such distortion in the Life

In connection with the South American Activity,
which the present work has drawn joyously to Their
attention: until this Focus of Radiation began, it was
doubted by most, except Nada and Myself, the
possibility of establishing such a Focus in this busy
Western World; but They did not know what I did,
the fact of our long association not having been
revealed to Them. So I said on My own Responsibility:
“I shall try it out.”