Daily I AM 6

It proves that it is possible to establish this Mighty,
Active Presence in the midst of a hailstorm. I have
always maintained this, and most of the time I have
stood alone; but the ability of the students to grasp
the use of the “I AM Presence” is making tremendous
things possible; and I say sincerely for your encourage-
ment, that with this marvelous condition maintained
which has come to this point, it is not impossible to
have various Ones of these Ascended Beings sit in your
midst — as visible as your own physical bodies— and
speak to you.

This is not just a matter of the desire of the students
for it, but rather the preparation of the students for
it. Until recently, of course, this good Brother has not
known it— but for thirty years he has been being
prepared for it. Half of that time your (Mrs. G. W.
Ballard’s) preparation was going on in the invisible,
and it has been a remarkably beautiful thing to all
who have observed it.

Q. The other night while in deep meditation, I
heard the words: “into the City of Delhi.”
A. Which really means “into the City of Light.”

Q. On Monday, November 29, 1932, I heard, in
the morning before the Discourse, and again today
before the Discourse, the Words of Jesus: “Ye have
been with Me in my sorrows, ye shall now behold Me
in My Glory, and see the reward which My Father doth
give Me.”

A. And so shall it be in your outer experience.

The very Words which Jesus used from time to time,
all may use — and will use sometime, somewhere with
fulfillment— for the Words He used at all times were
“Life” and contained within them that Ascended Life,
or Perfect Life .

Q. How is the political situation?

A. There will not be nearly so much accomplished
by the element that sought entrance as they an-
ticipated. The old saying that if you give a calf rope
enough, it will hang itself, is true with certain forces.
Sometimes when they think they have won an easy vic-
tory, they have sounded their own death knell.

The accomplishment of the past few days drew the
attention of many in the Golden City, who, as We pro-
jected the Vision and Sound Rays today, came to look
and behold the accomplishment. I say this for the en-
couragement of the students: While We are giving
forth the Work today, Those in the Golden City are
sending forth to the students Their Glorious