Daily I AM 7

It has been a great joy to Me to prove that in the
Land of America for which I have worked so long that
there were those who could receive what you are
receiving and giving forth at this time. There are those
Masters from Venus who have seen this with Me for
some time. The Kumar as’ Field of Action was in other
ways, but They are now observant of this accomp-

There is no radiation goes forth anywhere in the
Universe except through conscious projection. The
Radiation projected from the stars, so-called, to our
earth does not and cannot come into contact with the
earth without the conscious direction of the Cosmic
Being who is the Conscious Directing Presence of that
star or planet. This conscious direction is what makes
the Radiation from one planet to another reach its
destination; but the Radiation thus directed does not
carry any adverse aspect to any individual there.

The Universal, Cosmic Laws of the earth, which
impel growth through the law of experience, hold
within themselves that which you know as resistance.
If there were not that which the individual knows as
resistance, he would not make conscious effort, and
this would make it impossible for advancement in
understanding, or the return to the Father’s House
from which the children of earth have strayed.

Resistance has nothing whatever to do with discord.
Resistance is a Natural Law. Discord is a human
creation . There is no diseord in the Universe except
that which the personality creates.

Take the dynamic consciousness: “ ‘I AM’ the Pure
Mind of God in everyone present here,” This shuts
out human desire.

Take the consciousness: 44 4 1 AM* the governing
Presence of this/’ The desire first comes in the mind,
and if you take the consciousness: 4 4 4 1 AM’ the Pure
Mind of God,” it consumes the thought and keeps the
human mind clear from the desire entirely.

When the liquid precipitates in the hand, instantly
qualify it as Liquid Light, and it will manifest as That.
Give the command for that quality before beginning
the precipitation.

One student should not expect to see the same ac-
tivity as another; the students are not supposed to see
or feel alike.

There is not a moment in the day that we do not
visualize something , because the power of vision is act-
ing all the time. Keep all out of the mind except the
picture you want, for that is all with which you are
concerned. Do not let the attention become focused
on the seeming emptiness.

BENEDICTION: In great devotion, in the fullness
of our Hearts of Love, in the fullness of our adora-
tion to the “God Presence which 4 I AM’ ” — the
Ascended Jesus Christ— we pour forth our Gratitude
and Praise for the sustaining Presence, the good of
every description held within this Radiance of which
we are receiving hourly. Thou Mighty Presence! As
we find ourselves held within Thy Mighty Embrace,
we become imbued with Thy Radiant Intelligence,
Thy Marvelous Strength, Thy Invincible Courage to
hold constantly within Thy Mighty Light. We thank